Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Surgery has gone off well, Hrithik Roshan on father’s cancer surgery

Rakesh Roshan’s throat surgery has gone off well and he is recovering well. His health details were updated by son Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan’s brother Rajesh Roshan.

Rajesh has told, “He is better now and recovering well. We were all very tense about the surgery and the entire family was in the hospital with him. God willing, he will be up in the next three days and should be discharged from the hospital.”

Rajesh also thanked PM Narendra Modi for his concern and message. He said, “This was very big hearted of the Prime Minister and a huge encouragement for both the patient and his family.”

Hrithik Roshan Instagrammed a gym photo with his dad and shared the news. In his post, he said that his dad would not "miss gym even on surgery day" and that he was in "full spirits." Hrithik wrote, "Asked my dad for a picture this morning... Knew he wouldn't miss gym on surgery day. He is probably the strongest man I know. Got diagnosed with early stage squamous cell carcinoma of the throat a few weeks ago but he is in full spirits today as he proceeds to battle it. As a family we are fortunate and blessed to have a leader like him."

Hours after Hrithik Roshan tweeted about his father’s surgery, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished Rakesh Roshan a very good health and called him a fighter.

"Dear Hrithik, praying for the good health of Shri Rakesh Roshan Ji. He is a fighter and I am sure he will face this challenge with utmost courage," PM Modi tweeted.

Replying to PM Modi's tweet, Hrithik Roshan wrote: "Thank you Sir for your concern and good wishes. I am very happy to inform that according to the doctors his surgery has gone off well."

Many Bollywood celebrities sends off prayers for Rajesh Roshan's well-being.

Here’s wishing Rakesh Roshan a speedy recovery!


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